Build revenue projections
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Calculate. Predict. Win.

Easier collaboration among merchants, property owners and brokers

Optimize lease terms through sales projections for clear outcomes.

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Smarter planning for marketing and accounting departments

Enhance strategies with data-driven insights for effective planning.

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Faster modeling for leasing teams

Accelerate the process of creating flexible leases with intuitive modeling.

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Simple steps to model multiple scenarios

Step 1
Forecast the rent

Determine rent based on different scenarios

Step 2
Test multiple scenarios

Project sales and see
the outcome

Step 3
Predict the rent with ease

Simplify performance
based leases

Accelerate your lease negotiations

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What is the Guesst Forecaster?

The Guesst Forecaster is an innovative tool that revolutionizes commercial retail leasing. It allows merchants, property owners, brokers, and leasing agents to easily collaborate and negotiate performance-based leases by predicting outcomes based on various scenarios.

Who is the Guesst Forecaster for?

The Guesst Forecaster is for property owners, merchants, and brokers looking to negotiate performance-based lease agreements with confidence and transparency.

Am I able to share the results?

Yes. You can easily share the results from the Guesst Forecaster using the “Export” button. This will generate a report that you can then share.

Can I save the lease terms and projected sales?

Yes. After adding your lease terms and sales projections, there is a “Save” option available. Additionally, you can revisit your saved data anytime by logging into your account.

How many properties/projections can I add?

The Guesst Forecaster allows you to add unlimited scenarios for multiple locations.

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